For each transaction, we charge a fee determined by MDR + a fixed fee.
*Large-volume merchants(over 500,000 USD per month) could apply for a better MDR after three-month of processing with us.
Fixed Fee
0.2~0.5 USD
Pricing Details
Setup Fee 699USD
Annual Fee 699USD *
MDR 2.2%~5.5%
Fixed Fee 0.00USD~0.50USD
Withdrawal Fee 20USD~30USD **
Rolling Reserve rate 0~10%
Rolling Reserve release cycle 0~90 Days
Settlement cycle T1-T5
Minimum withdrawal amount 1000USD
Application Fee Free
Tech Support Fee Free
Platform Use Free
Compliance Check Free
Monthly Fee Free
Closing Account Free
* Annual Fee Large-volume merchants could apply for reducing or remitting the annual fee
* Chargeback Fees: No fees for local payments, but card payments typically have a chargeback fee.
The pricing of MDR is affected by following factors:
Transaction volume
Transaction volume is the priority we refer to when pricing, large-volume merchants could apply for a better pricing discount.
Business vertical
Obviously, the MDR and settlement cycle of low-risk merchant is superior to high-risk merchants.
Wallet type
The price of local wallet is not uniform in different countries. You need to know your target market so as to better confirm which local wallet services you need.
Customer complaint rate
We all detest customers’ complaints with the fact that the cost of dealing with one complaint is much higher than successfully making a new merchant.