Local and card payments

Merchants use local payments to attract local buyers and card payments for international expansion. This combination enhances user experience and drives growth. Consumers enjoy convenience, flexibility, security, and lower costs from diverse payment options.

No more waiting

Whether your business targets established markets like Europe and the U.S. or emerging ones in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, and regardless of risk level, we can find the right payment solutions for you.

Multiple Modes

Easily integrate with PC, WAP, APP for various occasion to bring the best user experience.

One-stop integration

With easy and simple API files, devoted services and fast integration, promotion won’t be difficult any longer.


Whether targeting markets in Europe, the U.S., Asia, Latin America, or Africa, we provide the right payment solutions for you. High-risk or low-risk, we have you covered.

Top-speed access

Simple and efficient applications, only up to three working days for review


Wallet Payment
Credit Card Payment

Supported Areas

Our credit card payment service covers all regions worldwide, allowing merchants’ customers to initiate payments from anywhere. We are continually expanding our network of acquiring banks, and the regions where merchants can go live are continuously extending. For more details, please contact our relevant colleagues!
China Mainland
HongKong (China)
More Areas Are Coming...
ASC(Airsecurecard) ,Focused on local payment and card acquiring through an integrated payment gateway!
In emerging markets such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America, electronic wallets are extremely popular, while in Europe and North America, bank transfers and credit card payments dominate. With the increasing demand for multi-channel and seamless payment experiences, more and more merchants are turning to payment aggregators or payment gateways to support various payment methods, aiming to enhance conversion rates and user experiences. The growth of global cross-border e-commerce has driven the integration and acceptance of multiple payment methods. Especially against the backdrop of reduced trade barriers and advancements in international logistics, diversified payment options have become a competitive edge for e-commerce and entertainment enterprises.